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things you should know.

this blog is about manythings, anythings, nothings, and everythings.

{sara, darling} picks up where  smorgasbundle, circa 2004 to 2008, began, which you can read if you head over to the vault page right to the right of here.  you’ll want a drink first.

what else about this blog [blergh] should you know?

the current name comes from my name (sara without an h, although i won’t get mad if you tack on that extra consonant) and what my husband and others have called me.  there’s actually a “slasher” (meaning one with multiple jobs, not a crazy psychokiller) who is a fashion designer/makeup artist/writer named saradarling, but we’ve never met.  i am just sara, darling.

the original name of the blog came from the delightful folks at mcsweeney’s internet tendency, who would occasionally package a bunch of disparate items, odds, ends, books, amusing things, some flotsam with a dash of jetsam all together in an amusing and appealing package named a smorgasbundle.  not unlike this blog, i hope.

or, as my friend sara says, always amusing, sometimes profound.

fingers crossed.

it has no statement, but many declarations.

also?  it has a passport, a valid driver’s license; however, its tags are expired.

perhaps there will be more about the smorgasbundle.

oh, and me:

sara. 30. colorado. copywriter/writer and the copy half of fixer design. freelance efficiency expert. former and could possibly be in the futurehigh school english teacher, which means yes, i do know this or that grammar error i’ve egregiously committed in my own writing and that english should be capitalized, so no need to point it out. let’s do the trendy thing and just list out random (and cute! charming! brevity-induced!) words to associate with me: rocky road ice cream. married.  scrabble.  the west wing.  red piano player.  impecuniously rich. sea-foam headphones. word nerd. font lover. learning to type sentences with only one space between them instead of two. curiosity junkie.


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