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this is me. you know, so you know.

i don’t always wear stripes, but i do have a problem.

and this is my husband, more affectionately referred to as “the boy”.

and this is us.

there are other people, and thus other pictures. like these:

me & fred.

my niece hayley, otherwise known as Frederick Joseph von Herfernberg, on my sister’s side, age 13 in this picture, now 17.

henry and i.

my niece heather, aka Henry Gryffindor McMarzipan, on my sister’s side, age 11 in this picture, now 15.

addison, age 20 months

yet another niece, on my brother’s side, addison mae – age 20 months in this picture, now 4 and looking more like this:

then thomas (buddy), who looks like this now (all blurry because he MOVES FAST ALL THE TIME:

baby thomas

he was only about 3 months old here.   february 2009.

the newest nephew, benjamin, born in 2010.


my lovely sister, amy – age 31, my brother, tucker (thomas, the fifth) – age 28, and me, 27. christmas 2007.


my sister-in-law and dear friend, julie


my dashing daddy, thomas (the fourth).


and my beautiful mommy.
the beginning is a very good place to start; family is a treasured thing.

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