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24 July 2008

3 weeks of work left.

the amount of things i have to do is unimaginable and stifling.

and many things are not at all hard to leave…

but some still are.

for instance, working 50+ hour weeks? not hard.

not laughing with some of my favorite people every day?  hard.

that, and not having free access to a postage machine and office supplies.  killing me. 😉

*   *   *   *

our intern is getting engaged today.  everyone thinks she doesn’t know it’s coming, but she does.  she overheard her parents talking about it.

i hate secrets that you find out that you wish you didn’t.  i’m remarkably hard to surprise, and i want to say i’ve only been surprised once, which was for my birthday party.  every other time, i knew it was coming.

*   *   *   *

a piece of unrequested advice i received today is that nobody should see your engagement ring before you do.

i kind of like that.  i would hate to show people my ring, and have them be like “i’ve seen that before!” in that really obnoxious tone of voice.

i’m just saying.

i don’t want to work on work things, but i want to have the feeling of getting things accomplished.  this is a paradox.

*   *   *   *

after meeting with my advisor at school, and going to my group advising session for the college of education, here is the deal for my next two years:

fall 08 semester: 22 credit hours.  that is EIGHT classes folks.  granted, one of them is for 1 credit, but it’s school observation and those teachers have to write me a recommendation in order to get accepted into the second tier of my teacher education prep class, so i have to do well.  EIGHT CLASSES.  i have an academic death wish.

one month off for christmas break.

spring 09 semester.  19 credit hours.  SEVEN classes.  one of them by correspondence to UC Boulder, because they don’t offer it in spring.  more school observation.  and, for a special treat, at the end of this semester i have to take my Praxis II test for the state AND my english comprehensive exam for the university, which consists of them giving me eight books to read (on top of my seven classes) and then i come in and have to write 3-4 essays.

* and this is because you basically have to complete your classes for your major by the end of your junior year, because colorado state REQUIRES you to have your bachelors degree in a subject AND get your teaching licensure program at the same time.  there are no undergrad degrees in education.

and then i pass out.

summer 09 – 3 credit hours of school observation.

fall 09 – 12 credit hours, including lots of school observation and educational classes.

spring 2010 – full-time student teaching (terror!) and then graduation.

the school has a 90% placement rate as well, which i think is fairly good.

i now have to buy books for eight classes, BEFORE my loans will get to me.  bitchin.

*   *   *   *

i miss grey’s anatomy.  i do.  i can’t help it.

*   *   *   *

i’m eating krispy kreme doughnut holes. they are exactly what i wanted to eat, but now i have eaten too much.  i would come up with a clever word to talk about it, but all of them sound dirty because of the word “hole”.

*   *   *   *

over the phone, i was complaining about how the city of colorado springs was trying to repave the roads on one of the busiest streets in the middle of the day, and the boy totally took their side. (the nerve!)

my argument?  they need to invent some kind of quick-drying no-heat needed asphalt, and have crews work through the night so that it never interrupts my need to get to the chick-fil-a and back in an hour for lunch without orange cones, delays and cops yelling at me.

his argument?  i am retarded and need to suck it up.

i’m pretty sure he won this argument, handily.

*   *   *   *

now that i have icy drinks with mass amounts of condensation that form a pool on my desk at the office, i am wishing i had one of those foam things that wrap around the drink.  and then i remembered the big “coolie vs. coozie” debate from vegas, and didn’t remember what the resolution was, so i don’t even know what to look for except “foam-wraparound-thingy-so-my-drink-doesn’t-form-it’s-own-swimming-pool”.

*   *   *   *

i smiled thinking about the trip to vegas.  it seems like a lifetime ago.

*   *   *   *

i can’t forward voicemail messages on our new phones at work.  kell irritating.

*   *   *   *

i feel like i’m on the verge of a new tattoo…anyone know what feeling i’m talking about?

*   *   *   *

the new coldplay album is growing on me.  slowly.

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