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mini-vacation: denver.

27 July 2008

last weekend the boy and i had a minivacation in denver.  we stayed downtown, at the magnolia hotel.


i can say that i love a hotel with free breakfast, free drinks at happy hour, and milk and cookies for bedtime.  each day.  the hotel was rather busy, but lovely nonetheless.  the building used to be a bank, i believe, so the rooms are smaller but charming.  and a big bathtub.


the elevators are original, and each comes with a plaque explaining that the original elevators are old, sometimes slow, and creaky – but regularly inspected and maintained.  i found that to be pretty funny.


the lobby had this wood paneling, as did the bar (harry’s) and everything had this modern-retro feel to it.  very warm.  the lobby also came with a faux-office for the concierge, who was sitting and ready to accomodate your requests.  oh, do i love a hotel with a concierge.  in about 7 minutes, we had reservations for an italian restaurant down the street, at the time we requested, with dessert compliments of the magnolia.


we shared a six-course tasting menu.  the menu apparently was meant for one person, but there is no way only one of us could have eaten the food.  it was incredibly good, and i believe the mushroom gnocchi was the favorite, except for maybe the ravioli…and everything else 🙂


desserts.  two of them.


shopping, movies, lazing about, barbecues with friends (his) and friends (mine), the new batman movie.


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