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all the cool kids.

12 August 2008

one of my favorite coworkers came back from lunch and set a snickers bar, my favorite, on my desk.  he does this occasionally, because they are a favorite.

he also came in, yesterday, and said that some people leave this place and he could not care less.  but he is very excited for me, but incredibly saddened to see me go.

chalk two points up for the “things i will miss about this place” side of the board.

flamingo, my boss, decided she wants our IT person to look in to getting her a macbook air to replace her old laptop that just broke.  this, despite the following issues:
– it is not easily compatible with our other software or systems
– it is far and above much more expensive, and without some of the key things she needs on a daily basis and our non-profit would pay for it
– she is not very tech-savvy, and has worked on pc’s HER WHOLE LIFE.
– despite this, she can’t do some basic things on the pc
– our it director has become her own personal tech person, and doesn’t want to mess with it.

her reasoning?
– i went to panera bread, and all of the people around me had them, and it looked so cool and lightweight.

chalk a big point (or several hundred) up on the “things i will miss when hell freezes over” side of the board.

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