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monday morning ugh-pdate.

20 October 2008

eins. it is deliciously foggy and cold outside.  i say deliciously, because although i am thoroughly unprepared for full-blown cold, the weather went very well with my tea & milk and blueberry muffin this morning.  it also goes very well with having the boy drive me to school while listening to morning music.

zwei.  did you hear that correctly?  the boy drove me to school.  he can do that now, because HE LIVES HERE.  i will repeat it, because it bears repeating: HE LIVES 20 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME.

drei. having very up and down mixed feelings right now, he and i.  not about us, you see, we are great, even greater in proximity of each other and not on the phone.  however.  BIG CHANGES.  big change in a short amount of time.  in the last two months we have done the following:

he: sold his business, trained a new owner, changed cities, changed from a newer apartment to a 100 year old house, embarked on going free-lance, moved away from his childhood home and all of the people who have known him for his whole life.

me: quit my full-time job, began going double time to school, moved in with my parents again, for the first time since i was about 20, learned my boss had cancer so went back to working semi-part-time, totaled my car.

i mean, seriously, people.  so, we are both excited and tired, triumphant and overwhelmed, joyous and incredibly sad, anticpating the future and nostalgic about the past, at an end and beginning ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  sometimes, it varies by the minute.  i want to laugh, and then will be on the verge of tears in about 5 minutes.  if you asked me why, i couldn’t say.  this is somewhat unusual for me, and definitely out of character for him.

at least one thing you learn from being away from each other for a year and a half is lots of patience and letting everything just ride out.

editor’s note: anyone who has any experience with such a big transition, feel free to pipe up with your thoughts/advice.  thanks.

vier. i am in the midst of mid-terms (3 tests this week, yay!) and trying to find a car.  we’ve found a few possibilities on craigstlist and as we speak, the boy is looking at them and running various errands for me.  because he is that awesome.

fünf. these numbers are in german, from memory.

sechs. i really love my family.  there are times, like there was this weekend, that they all show up, with all their different personalities, and i am very proud that my family is who they are.  quirks and all.

sieben. when it gets cold, i tend to want to make things.  usually it is baking, even though i am not a prolific pastry chef.   this season it is no different, and i want to make loaves of banana bread.  however.  i am also obsessed with making my own ice cream.  i want this cookbook, and an awesome ice cream maker.  i cannot explain my newfound obsession with this, but it’s getting bad.  this makes no sense.  but then again, neither do i sometimes.

acht. MIDTERMS.  specifically, i have an advanced grammar midterm this week.  ugh.  i mean, we all know i like the grammar because i am geeky mcnerdstein, but even this is too much for me.  i am praying for a miraculous photographic memory to appear.

neun. morning music is very specific.   dave grohl described how important it was to not have anything to upbeat, too mellow, too catchy or too sleep-inducing in an article i read once, and i immediately agreed.  this was also the time during my semi-intense dave grohl crush, but i don’t think that has anything to do with it.  i don’t listen to music every morning, but when i do, it’s a day-specific playlist.
the avett brothers – swept away
augstana – boston
death cab for cutie – a lack of color
electric president – good morning, hypocrite
mates of state – my only offer

zehn. my desktop computer with all my music is dying a slow death, where it will only wake up long enough for me to download the latest episode of The Shameful TV Show That Will Not Be Named and then turn off again.  this also is the computer which possesses all my music.  bah.  when the boy gets around to fixing up his old computer, i will inherit this and hook it all up.  why do you care?  first, if you are asking that question at this point, you are at the wrong blog.  stop reading immediately.  second, you care because once this event happens, i will start linking to the music and you can hear what i hear.  v. good.

elf. i love that the german word for eleven is “elf”.

zwölf. pronounced ‘zwurlf’.  my sister-in-law’s doctors think that she is going to have this baby earlier than her thanksgivingish due date.  my first nephew, and i’m really excited.  i know a certain boyfriend who has a box of action figures for him that need to find a new home 😉

have a great week full of things that don’t sound like “squidterm”.

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