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monday morning ughpdate.

3 November 2008

– this guy in few of my classes looks like judah friedlander’s character in 30Rock.  i am on a stealth mission to take a picture of him without his knowledge.

– i should be writing a thesis statement right now, but i’m not.

– had a lively discussion with the boy, julie and tucker about community.  i always like discussions like that, but only if they lead to consistent action.

– seeing another sara this week, and that only means good things.

– the boy and i went shopping in denver on saturday, and found nothing until we went to the container store.  let me say this: i LOVE the container store.  i would almost rather having organized systems for stuff more than i want stuff to go in the organized system.  luckily, the boy shares this love of organization (and utilizes it more than i do on a regular basis, probably) and thus the container store was the best.

– the boy is now a blockbuster member at the most run-down blockbuster in town.  they made us cards, from a dot-matrix printer, and then hand-laminated them.  the videos were mostly in stacks around the store, and the cashier spent way too much time telling us a story about how her mother dressed up as sarah palin (along with everyone else’s mother) for halloween.

we rented a movie called “diggers”, and it was okay.

– the potato bacon soup at safeway is very good.  better than the chicken noodle.  both go well with oyster crackers and gingerale in mini-bottles.

– we now have a dearth of halloween chocolate, as we got a small amount in case there were trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood, and there were none.  this was somewhat surprising, given that i swear i saw a bunch of people dressed up in the neighborhood.  but, this could just be what the neighbors look like on a regular day.

– they have hired my replacement at work, finally, so by the end of the year, i will have no official responsibilities there whatsoever.  this is a good thing.

– 7 weeks until the semester is over.

– i officially heard my first christmas music in a retail environment on saturday, november 1st.  WAY TOO EARLY PEOPLE.

– i had a very good weekend with the boy.  one of those weekends you want to bottle up and have around to open on a miserable cold wednesday.  he’s my favorite.

– we are having incredibly un-november-like weather here during the day.  warm.  HOT.  crazy.  fantastic.  we walked around colorado college on sunday, and took some pictures (note: more than usual are of me, because i usually take the camera, and the boy had it this day):

no idea who this kid is, but he’s cute.

in front of shove chapel.  it’s pronounced “sh-oh-ve” chapel rather than “sh-ugh-ve” chapel, which the boy did not know since he didn’t grow up here.  he laughed pretty hard at the sign that said “shove weddings”.  what kind of wedding is that?

me kicking leaves.  i did this for a good 20 minutes.  easily amused.

– now i’m hungry, and i would like a sandwich.  they’ve been doing a lot of pb&j at the bog this week, so i’m hoping for something different.

– voting tomorrow.  i could have voted early, but i’m old-school and like the whole process of going down and actually voting and getting my sticker.

– bravo has been playing reruns of the West Wing in the mornings from about 6am to 9am, and i have been loving it.  this, despite the fact that i own all of the seasons.  it’s one of my absolutely favorite shows, and i tend to like following the santos campaign a little more than any of the real ones right now.  i’m on votoverload.    wishing for a bartlett third term.

– still have no car.  i am driving my parent’s ‘extra’ car, a little red honda civic hatchback.  it’s like i’m driving a go-cart.  i will be driving this car indefinitely at this point.

– okay, now i’m hungry for pb&j and milk.  thought about it too much, it became a reality.

– dinner with my sister last week.  lovely.  it turns out, as i’ve suspected for many years, i really like seeing my siblings on a regular basis.  so happy to have made the decision 4 years ago to take advantage of that.

– no nephew yet.   they are hoping by the end of the week.  the scenario goes: my brother text messages me when they are starting labor.  calls after the baby is born with the details.  parents go by, friends go by, pictures are taken.  i show up in the evening with cocktails, two arms to hold a baby, and the boy to play video games with my brother.  in this case, beer and rum & cokes have been requested, and probably some street fighter.  done and done.

have a lovely week.

p.s. for all those blog-lurkers around there (or, what i like to call “blurkers”), it’s time to comment-up.   i am a consistent reader. many times blurker, and sporadic commenter, so i get it.  but you have to make your presence known at least once.  OR ELSE.  thanks.  —ed.

p.p.s.  okay, so it’s an idle threat.  i wouldn’t do anything.  because how could i?  but still.  STILL.  [insert stern look here] —ed.

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  1. onlysometimes permalink
    3 November 2008 1:10 pm

    I’ll admit sara, this lengthy post was a bit more than my brain had time for today — I too am in the middle of forming an argument — but was thrilled by the idea of 20 minutes of kicking leaves. it made me want to run outside immediately. happy kicking friend.

  2. 3 November 2008 7:56 pm

    i read them all, all of the time, i check several times a day. it’s just something i like to do. post more often and i will comment more often. and i totally should have gotten a shout out for ALREADY commenting. hmph.

  3. 9 November 2008 12:09 am

    I too, am loving West Wing in the mornings. It makes me want to do something great with my life. I’m not sure what that says about me, or my life, but I love the show nonetheless. I do wish that they would show them in order though for us first time “Westies” (ya like that, I just made that up)

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