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monday morning ughpdate.

17 November 2008

1. i am writing my fourth paper in a week.  FOURTH.  are you getting tired of reading that i’m writing a paper?  because i’m sure tired of typing it.

2. i thought i had only 3 weeks left of this semester, but it’s really 4.  it is just at that point in time where i need a break.

3. with the sun going down earlier along with my days filling up quicker, the boy and i are finding that it will be about 6:30 in the evening, and we both are ready to go to bed.  we’ve eaten dinner, we’ve watched some tv, chatted, and our internal clocks think it is about 10.  then we look at the clock and declare ourselves really really old.  what’s with that?

4. i am writing this from the aisle of computers in the library packed between the federal registers (government) and US forest service manuals. the keyboard is very clicky-clacky.

5. brought chinese food over a few times to tucker, julie and the kids this weekend – impromptu visits are some of my favorite things, especially with my brother’s family.

6. we saw the movie rachel getting married this weekend.  it was definitely unusual, kind of like a character study, and shot with hand-held cameras, which was at first a very nauseating choice, but then made sense once the movie unfolded.  there is no way i could possibly recap what the story is about, but there is a wedding (rachel’s, as the title indicates) and, although incredibly unusual, the wedding is remarkably warm and vibrant.  this is what i liked most about the movie.  that, and that the wedding vows were short and genuine, included a neil young song, and that the bride and groom thanked each other for marrying them.

7. auntie pasta is the name of the dish at shuga’s, lest we think i don’t know how to say antipasta.

8. never did get around to listening to the first song of songs sermon from mars hill, but the boy was referencing something in one of them, and it struck me as fairly significant and something i had literally never heard before.  this is why i am spoiled by my seattle church.  anyway, i’m very excited to listen to them together.

9. i get my new (old) desktop in the next week, and i’m very excited.  excited about organization and being able to post music on here.  i’d explain how all of that goes together, but i just can’t be bothered right now.

10. my brain is very very fuzzy right now.



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