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19 November 2008

new things on the blog:

– updated photographs page.

– new page, the radio stylings of… wherein i subject you to the wondrous musical stylings of whatever it is i’m listening to currently.  because you are so desperate to hear, no?  until the charming boyfriend sets up my new computer he is so graciously giving me, i can’t post any music because i have too much to keep it on my laptop.

so, click on the link, and you’ll get to my playlist, and just look at the bottom left, hit play.

good times.  G.T’s.

– unrelated news:

:: i was, as the french translation goes, beside my shoes yesterday evening.  i couldn’t decide where i wanted to be.  this led directly to me sitting on the stairs at the boy’s house for a good 45 minutes, with all my stuff in my lap, and then finally just falling asleep in the couch, fully clothed.

what’s with that?

:: i had a poptart for breakfast.  i can’t remember the last time i ate a poptart, cold or not.

:: i bought new music, and haven’t downloaded it yet.  ugh.

:: i started my christmas list today.  that made me happy.

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  1. 19 November 2008 9:47 pm

    I do the sitting on the stairs, indecisive thing as well. Ending up nowhere as well. Bogus.

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