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the things i’m writing about: looking back.

31 December 2008

i like year-end lists.  lists of the best cds, the best movies, the best blogs, the best of the bestic. (points if you know that pop culture reference.)

mary schmich, of the New York Times, publishes something about reflection each new years eve, and i rather like it.  it’s nice to summarize, to think about the highlights, to nostalge (i’m totally making that word up).  here’s what she says (from her 2007 column):


When you consciously review your year, you may notice how little you noticed it as it whizzed past. To review is to re-view. To rewind, pause, look again. And in looking again, to see more clearly.

You may be astonished by how much happened. And how much didn’t. By how much has changed. And how much hasn’t. You may laugh or sigh to notice that your life remains its usual jumble of contradictions.

In 2008, I gained ————————————————.
I lost —————————————————————-.
I stopped ————————————————————.
I started ————————————————————.
I was hugely satisfied by ————————————.
And frustrated by ————————————————.
I am so embarrassed that I ———————————-.
Once again, I ——————————————————.
Once again, I did not ——————————————.
The biggest physical difference between me last December and this December is ———————————-.
The biggest psychological difference between me last December and this
December is ———————————————————.
I loved spending time ——————————————.
Why did I spend even two minutes ————————-?
I should have spent more time ——————————.
I regret buying —————————————————.
I will never regret buying ————- even though with that money I could have bought ————————————-.
I —————————————————- way too much.
I didn’t ————————————————— enough.
—————————————————- drove me crazy.
Was ———————- crazier than ever last year? Or was it me?
The most relaxing place I went was ———————-.
I feel so ————————- when I write that down.
Why did I go to —————————————————?
The best thing I did for someone else was ————.
The best thing I did for myself was ———————.
The best thing someone did for me was ——————.
The one thing I’d like to do again, but do it better, is —————————-.

*  *  *  *  *

typewriter, tip tip tip tip tip…

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