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9 February 2009

okay, so it’s an evening update.  whatevs.

– doing water aerobics with meg and jules this past week.  anyone who thinks water aerobics is weak exercise has not taken this class.  it’s non-stop cardio for an hour, with arm/leg weight strength training, minus having your joints ache from hard impact.  sooo awesome.   and, i get to see my girls each week which, as it turns out, i need.

– however…despite my immense scrubbing/washing immediately after leaving said pool, i still smell like chlorine 2-3 showers later.

– in order to help the dear boy keep all my professors straight, my chaucer and history of english language professor (with the long last name) will henceforth be referred to as “the dude”.

– i am inexplicably intrigued by the personal lives of my teachers.  i never grew out of it in elementary school when i saw my teacher at the grocery store and was shocked.

– the new gatorade commercials freak me out.

– i am now hooked on the tv show “lie to me”.  thank you tucker & julie.

– the frightening tony little (remember him?) has a program called “body by bison” which apparently entails a diet program of food delivery involving copious amounts of red meat.  wow.

– have you read about the guy who is eating bacon for an entire month for every meal?  i mean, i heart bacon, but i’d get so sick of it by about day one.   in an event of incredibly foreshadowing, his endeavor is called bacon stupidity.

– i have to do so much reading – which, by the way, as a high school teacher, will apparently never end – that i’m going to let you in on what i currently am reading.  or writing.  because, that’s my life and you, all 2 of you, will want to know.

  • i just finished mark twain’s pudd’nhead wilson, a book i highly recommend.  if i were a much talented writer, i’d give you some six word reviews.  but i’m not.
  • i am currently reading edith wharton’s summer, published in 1917.  realist novel.  i’m getting a little bored with it, but would much rather read this than ethan frome.
  • i also am currently reading journal articles about writing theory, and the miller’s tale in chaucer’s canterbury tales.

also?  various blogs, vanity fair, readymade, and people magazine.  i’m not above it.

– my american lit professor has to give us some context about other works in explaining what we are currently reading, and his summaries of books are hilarious.  regarding a work by henry james: “naive girl gets seduced by italian guy, which is even worse than england guy or american big city guy, he sleeps with her, leaves her, and she dies while giving birth in the gutter.  200 pages of fun!”

– i like shopping online, but i return nearly half of what i get.  this is how online shopping works, man, but i’m starting to feel like i’m going to be on a list somewhere.

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