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valentine’s slay.

13 February 2009

towards the beginning of our relationship, we discussed the importance level of the various holidays.  like for me, thanksgiving, christmas, my birthday, anniversary (wedding or yearly a little more so than the semi-cheesy “we’ve been dating for 2 months” kind, like you get a medal for that?) are my most important.  there are other holidays i like activities to happen, but i like to help plan them.  my birthday?  he plans it, and it’s important for it to be noticed.  i’m a big sense of occasion person – i like finding things that are authentic and genuinely fun to get/do/make for people.  i think it’s important for people to feel important, in big ways or small.  i’m not saying i’m great at this (sorry my friends!), but it’s important to me.

his holiday list (at the time):  uh, nothing?  maybe my birthday?

he’s used to not celebrating holidays with much festivity, cheer or streamers.  but then he met me 🙂

so.  valentine’s day is one of those for me that i like to be recognized, but not noticed.  as in, if the world is going to give us a holiday about love, then let’s celebrate love!  if the world gives us a random tuesday where nothing is happening, let’s celebrate tuesdayness!  BUT.  i’m not a big go out, roses wrapped in plastic, fuzzy-white-bear-holding-a-red-heart-saying-i-love-you, store bought card kind of girl.  i’m a let’s spend time together and be creative and small about things.

always have been.

it makes me cringe when i see things that are embarrassingly over the top.  i’m just not that girl.  it’s fine if you are, really.

so, in the spirit of all of that, this is what i’m posting, for the boy, to make him laugh:


(via someecards.
a warning: this is one of the more benign cards on there,
so i’m totally not recommending that you visit the site,
unless you can handle it,
because some of them are in fact really funny.
you’ve been warned.)

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