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monday morning ughpdate, in short.

23 February 2009

must have slept on my neck wrong last night, because i woke up with a crick (this is the right word, yes?  only to people from texas?  anyone?) in it, which has gotten progressively worse and is now radiating down to include my right shoulder in all the fun.

i blame this primarily on the fact that i vocally announced, to no one in particular this morning, oh, and also to facebook, that i was determined to be productive today.

it does not escape me that any time i say such things, i end up with back problems, car issues, rat infestations — you name it.  in short, any and all things that prevent my being productive.

this is ridiculous.

and now i have to stop typing because my shoulder is seizing up like it has stage fright or something.

typing this paper should be awesomely fun tonight.

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