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the fixer.

7 March 2009

the boy, who sold his previous sign making/graphic design business which he had for five years [which he started himself] to move to colorado springs to be with me [how amazing is that?] and embark on a different direction with his design work [doing more work focused on design over sign-making, freelance graphic design, web design, etc. [in a city that does not have so much, say, taxidermist-based design work] has launched his new business’ website.

that he built and designed himself.

and i’m really really proud, of course.  [insert bracketed side note of complimentary words here].

as an aside, the name of the company comes stems from the stories he would tell me about how he would end up doing many things as part of his business that went far beyond his artistic talents.  like the times people would pay him to just find stuff and buy it online for them since they didn’t know how to use the internet.   after many of these stories, i told him that these things happened because he is a fixer – a general name used for people who solve problems for people, whether it be travelling, arrangements, etc — albeit usually illegally 😉 i told him that he was the solution-finder for things; it is his natural ability.

and so when he was thinking about what he does with graphic design, and how he works with so many disparate and varying clients who often have such different needs – and does it well, i might add – the idea of being a fixer seemed to fit the best.

and fixer design was born.

also, because he’s not just talented in graphic design, the boy will be showing his paintings at shuga’s starting may 15th for a few weeks.

did i mention that he paints as well?  got his degree in it?  i don’t have to use my fake-interested face, because his work is really good?

sigh.  swoon.

he’s all mine, you can’t have him.

but you should definitely check out his website here, and check out shuga’s in may!  and if you need any design work done, big or small, you know who to call.  and i’m really sorry that rhymed.

i digress.

in the immortal words of denise williams, let’s hear it for the boy.  let’s give the boy a haaaaaaaand.

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