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rambling. 1:55am.

11 March 2009

you know what’s on television at 1am?

the west wing.

gllllllorious, because if you know anything about me, you know that i am experiencing insomnia and also that the west wing is on my all-time top five television shows.

and although i own all the seasons, and can watch any episode anytime i want, it always seems like a little present when it comes on tv and i have to watch.

i feel like that about saturday movies too, sometimes.

i’ll say that i was asleep, but then the boy called.  and he innocently asked one question about my birthday, and then we talked for the next 3 hours.

and argued.  or, our version of arguing, at least.

do your arguments ever start with literally ONE innocent question?

and i am not a big arguer/fighter.

but once i had an argument with an ex-boyfriend about whether the tour de france was a legitimate bike race.

it looked an awful lot like the “is she hot?” debate in the prince family paper episode of the office, now that i think of it.

but it was the silliest fight i think i’ve had.

i’m rambling now.

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