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whoa, list woe.

5 April 2009

it’s certainly a special day when you realize that you filled up an entire to-do list of the to-do lists you need to make.

i did just such a thing.

sometimes i want to list out absolutely everything i have to do, need to do, would like to do, want to do, all so i can just have it not knocking around the pinball machine of my head, racking up the extra points, and down on paper.

but then, once i start to do that, i realize that it just overwhelms me more, and is no less unorganized than when it was filed in my mental rolodex.

so instead, i just fill up one day at a time, with the things that i’m doing that day.  and to be honest?  i underestimate.  i imagine that if i get the two things on this paper done, i won’t sit around and think i have nothing else to do.  but, if i put the 9 things on there i wish i could get done if i start acting like jason statham in the latest crank movie sequel, i willalas only still get two things done, and then have the added bonus of guilt, that fantastic dessert topping.


let’s just shoot for the accurate.  push yourself a little, don’t overdo it, and if you did this everyday, SURELY something must get done eventually.

right?  RIGHT?

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