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monday ughpdate.

13 April 2009

– i have acquired some kind of swollen, incredibly sore and high pressure system in my nostril area over the weekend.  what this means is that it feels like somebody has literally punched me or dropped something heavy on my nose, and then decided to pump air in it without any escape.  the student clinic (thank god for the student clinic) tells me that it is pretty much the pre-sinus-infection.  as in, there is so much liquid in my nose and ears not coming out that if it stays in there longer, it will become an infection.

now try listening to 5 hours of lectures with that kind of weather occuring on your face.

this has not been a fun day.

– thinking about my friends who have kids, and thinking – if i had to deal with any of the things going on with me right now and have kids, i’d totally lose it.   so, bravo to you.

– my new macbook, george michael, is lovely.  less lovely is the apple online store, who decided to charge me twice for a computer that i decided not to buy.  3 phone calls later, and hopefully they will give me back thousands of dollars.  thank you kindly.

– my mom and i decided to split on a fruit and veggie share at grant farms this season.  i cannot tell you how excited i am about getting new vegetables and fruits, organic and locally grown in a box each week.  it’s like choose your own adventure eating, and i’m actually looking forward to figuring out how to cook the things i’m given if i don’t recognize them.

or, i would be excited if i didn’t want to fall over right now in exhaustion.

– i have successfully gotten two professors to move looming due dates until after the senior comprehensive exam of terror that is this saturday.  i think in my delerium after accomplishing this, i turned to my classmates and said “that’s right, WHO’S YOUR DADDY?”

– did i mention my senior comprehensive exam is this saturday?  well, it is.  today someone in the clinic asked me what that entails.  i’m so glad you asked.  what it entails is to read 6 extra books (this is on top of the 13 books and 25 professional articles i’m already reading) and then sit down and write 2 essays (answering questions of their choosing) on a saturday morning.  in 3 hours.  one essay is about one of the books, and the other is about comparing themes in two of the other books.  you don’t know the questions, you don’t know the themes, you don’t know anything.

i do not write well in these situations.

usually i read the books and think, i get what’s going on, and some obvious themes (if i’m lucky), but i got nothing else.  then i get into a discussion, and i can come up with some ideas in a nice conversational format.  none of this lends itself well to writing under pressure.

yeah, you know i just linked to that.

so, today, i am getting all of my homework done for the week, and then trying to cohesively write notes in my books (the essays are open book, of course, so you can riddle your papers with quotes) and make sense of everything.

my head is going. to. explode.

– so if you are my friends, and we’ve been trying to get together, or you are expecting me anywhere this week…don’t.  but send a search party if i don’t surface after saturday.

– just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

– my mom is amazing.  i’m just saying.  she really, really, really is.

that’s all i got right now.  have a good week, all.

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  1. Irene permalink
    15 April 2009 6:54 am

    I hope the weather in your head clears up before your exam! Good luck!

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