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20 May 2009
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if you have no interest in reading a little love letter about my very talented boyfriend, just come back tomorrow.  actually, there may be more about him then too, as this week was the birthdaversary (definition: his birthday and our anniversary are pretty much the same day), so there may be more.

so, how about friday?  good then, that’s settled.  for everyone else, here you go.

i’m fairly beaming now, because my very talented boy has sold a few more paintings.

i have always loved and been immensely proud of his talent, and loved the fact that i didn’t have to use my “very supportive yet fake interested” face with his art.  you know the one, where you are going to be all supportive-wife/girlfriend/whathaveyou, and say “that’s so great!” and hope that you never have to actually hang this stuff on your walls.

thankfully, i actually liked it. and some of the things, i loved.

his bachelor’s degree, after all, is in fine art with am emphasis in painting, so beyond his actual work (and talent) as a graphic designer, painting and mixed media is a core passion of his.  and, part of the reason (you know, besides me) of moving here was so that he could have more creative time to pursue his fine art – hanging his paintings in galleries, meeting other artists and working on their art, taking more drawing classes, and of course, hopefully selling art as well.

one of our absolute favorite places in town is shuga’s, a bar/cafe/tapas place on the corner of downtown.  i’ve come here for years, and the boy quickly adopted it as a fave haunt as well.

they have an open wall for artists to routinely show their work, and so i suggested he get on their rotation.  one of their first openings (15th through the 29th) coincided with his birthday, so we decided to have an artshow/birthday, which is this saturday.  (p.s. if you are reading this, you are invited!  shuga’s, 6pm, saturday.  do come, really.  it will be nice.)  he hung the paintings on friday afternoon, and since then has sold four paintings, with interest shown in a couple more and the owner of shuga’s and a gallery owner declaring their interest.

i’m sorry, but how badass is that?



exclamation point!

he is so persistent, and i am desperately happy that people are taking interest. he’s trifled with putting it on etsy, so that people can see it/buy it/hate it (just kidding) online, which will happen soon.  many people have asked, so i will keep you in the know. until then, if you would like to commission some art or buy existing art pieces, have your people call my people 😉  but in the meantime, i wanted to show you some favorites from the show:

bettyjanethis one sold today, with another person also interested in it.  this is his children’s book phase, as i am calling it.

this one he painted a few years ago, and sold on saturday.  his friend garrett loved this painting, and is now very sad.


sorry for the crappy picture quality, i took it from the boy.  this is actually his first painting he did for me, as a housewarming present a few years ago.  it’s not actually for sale, but in the show for display.  several people have wanted it, though, so he may be making more 🙂


the first painting that sold, again with another person interested in it.  also, again my apologies for the crappy camera work (not mine!)  the text says “teddy looked at the big pile.  he did not want to go back.”  from the children’s book phase of 08/09.

this one sold saturday, and i was sad to see it go.  it’s one of my favorites.

this one was from several years ago, painted on wood.
also not for sale, and usually resides in my house above the television set.

this one is in my kitchen.  it’s not in the show, but only for lack of room.

* * * * *

beam.  bravo.  cheers.

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  1. 20 May 2009 9:58 pm

    wow! these are great!

  2. kristin joy permalink
    20 May 2009 10:45 pm

    what an amazing experience, to display your work and have others want to buy it. gosh.

  3. Laurie Fraher permalink
    24 May 2009 10:21 am

    thanks for sharing-I had wanted to know which ones he sold! Yup- his art is pretty awesome! I’m happy he found a girl like you who appreciates him and his art 🙂

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