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22 August 2009

aaaand, we’re back with another word nerd lesson, this time concerning word choice.  i’ve seen this offender a multitude of times, and it just crossed my path via twitter.  no free passes for twitter, just because you are limiting letters does not mean you choose the wrong word.  especially when said person is an english major, blogger, and/or proposed writer.  today’s lesson:

bawling vs. balling.


bawling means to cry, usually with force and volume, because you are sad or watching titanic for the 16th time while pregnant eating doritos, or when something legitimately heart-wrenching occurs.  the dictionary uses the word “unrestrainedly” to describe the said event, which sounds pretty heavy.  balling (or “ballin'” as the Young People of Today like to say it) tends to refer to a myriad of mostly non-related things:

balling literally means to be rolling something into a ball, as in “he was balling his test in his hands”.

ballin’ refers to either the game of basketball, or that someone is living an affluent lifestyle/being ‘the man’, as in “we be ballin’!”(thank you urban dictionary and too much time watching mtv).

so you can see why someone saying “i was balling at this lifetime channel movie” is both wrong and really, really amusing.  just trying to make you all look smarter, people 🙂

go forth with expanded knowledge, my friends, and hopefully nothing to bawl at.

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  1. 22 August 2009 7:05 pm

    K, laughed out loud at the watching titanic while pregnant eating doritos. you’re not supposed to understand the way those things work yet! so true…

  2. 23 August 2009 10:08 pm

    hee hee! ballin’ post, sara.

  3. Sarah permalink
    5 September 2009 1:18 pm

    THANK YOU!!! I want to be a FB spelling & grammar police person sometimes! I know that they are informal social networking sites, but when you have a potential 400 friends reading what you have to say, why would you want them to think you are not very intelligent?

    I tried to help out my cousin-in-law, who is a youth pastor, by correcting his “Your da bomb” to “You’re.” Quite honestly, this is in the top three common mistakes that a 4th grader and NOT an adult should be making. And yet, I see it everywhere. To me it isn’t a spelling issue (much like balling vs bawling) so much as a word use issue which means that it wasn’t a result of quick typing, but of actual confusion. He did not enjoy the grammar help. I retired the police hat. Oh well, look ignorant to all of the hundreds of high school students form whom you are the youth pastor. Your issue.

    Thanks for reading this rant. I needed this.

  4. Sarah permalink
    8 September 2009 9:08 pm

    Incidentally, just this morning Rachael asked me the meaning of the word “bawl.” She heard it in one of the classics we read lately. Funny you should bring it up, too 🙂

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