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monday morning ughpdate.

14 September 2009

1. i’m writing this in one of my afternoon classes.  i feel a little bad about that, except that even if i were listening, i wouldn’t get that much out of this class, which is sad.  i hate it when you are in a class which has so much more potential of being interesting and useful, and just falls abysmally short.

2. i heard a story from a substitute teacher today about one of the schools i may go teach at next year.  he said that he came in to sub for an Advanced Placement U.S. History class (the only one in the school). There was only one student, who typically just went to the library and studied by himself.  this made me a little sad.

3. i came in to class at college today, and a student had left a wad of chewed gum on the desk.  seriously?  who does that?

4. pretty much everything is school-related for me right now.  sorry.

5.  i am teaching on wednesday, and you would not believe the amount of preparation i am doing for one lesson.  i mean, it’s staggering.  why can’t my mind seem to work more efficiently when it comes to organization?

6. i’ve long been able to separate the personal egregious actions of singers from my personal enjoyment of their catchy music.  so what am i saying?  i don’t care about what inane think kanye west did last night on television.  those are some snappy songs.

7. finally got over being sick this past weekend.  i hate being sick.  it just takes up so much useful time.

8. so this is my life right now.  teaching, teaching, organizing, grading, and trying to keep up with things.   so boring, right?  i have many thoughts, but just not the ability to articulate them in writing.

9. sam, one of the boy’s best friends, is coming down this weekend, which makes me very happy.

that’s all i got.

how are you; are you well?

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