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18 October 2009
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i’ve been feeling  a little very sluggish lately.  the last month has been incredibly busy for both the boy and i, and thus we’ve spent less time cooking and more time eating out at the last minute, which, although tasty at the time, leaves us both feeling greasily like we’re weighted down with bricks.  bricks made of crap.

delightful, no?

as he and i were talking about this last night, after a healthy late night meal (at midnight) of jack quinn’s fried potatoes, i was realizing that the most exercise i had gotten in the last month was walking the three flights of stairs to my class.  once a week.  if that.  yikes.  an unfortunate occupational hazard for me is the requirements that make me spend copious amounts of time on my ass: reading, writing, typing, researching, meeting-ing, and making up new words like meeting-ing.

combine this with my tendency for naps over hikes, even when i’m not in school, and we’ve got a bad thing coming before too long.

time to change course.

i’m fighting inertia, busyness, and a long-term committed relationship with my bed, people, so i need some assistance reminding myself i’m alive and have working limbs.  especially when it is starting to get cold outside, making it even less appealing to venture out.  i’m going to need reinforcements.  thankfully, i’ve done this before, so i knew exactly what to do first:

ipod shuffle playlist.

awwwwwww, yeah.  i scoured my music and have a bitchin’ list of 54 songs that make me want to bounce about like a crazy person.   i’ll refine this playlist over the next few weeks of moving my elbows and knees about, tossing out the songs i thought i’d love but regularly skip over, adding new ones i hear (or that you SUGGEST to me, hint, hint*) until i get it right.  and this will work until about the end of the year, when inevitably i will want to  vomit every time i hear these songs and they have to go on hiatus.  but, that is months away, and i’m stoked (that’s right, 1980’s, i am STOKED) about my list.

MGMT, we have a date.  the beastie boys are my new running mates.  we’ll walk past all the haters, jill scott.  me and my musical posse, we’re totally on it.  who runs this town?  jay-z.  and me.

let the unslugging commence!

* this is more than a hint.  do it! don’t make me call you out like ira glass on a npr membership drive.  or kanye at the VMAs.  cough up your badass dance/workout/party songs.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. 🙂

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