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the very best thing of today.

28 April 2011

with some explanation about how this came about that will happen later once i can digest what i heard last night at the frank chimero lecture, today begins a series of telling you about the very best thing that happened to me today.  maybe with explanation, most likely without qualification, and hopefully with pictures, but who can say.

all i know is that i can write, every day.

i need to write, every day.

and some days, more.

the very best thing.

*     *     *     *    *

the very best thing that happened to me today was walking from the car on my first time driving in a month (almost a contender for the VBT) and seeing a meticulously laid out yard art installation on the wall in the yard next to the dumpster.

courtesy of disney tchotchkes.

the set up:

the individual masterpieces:

okay, i’m really going to need to get a basset hound now.

and, what would an art installation be without a security guard:

the very best thing, folks.

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