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the flame is Lame.

4 June 2011

for the record, the typekit font i’m using for ye olde blog here is somehow turning the letter combo “fl” into capital “L”.

so, f loor = Loor.

f luorescent = Luorescent

f lame = Lame.

Lame. Lame. LAME.

so lame, in fact, that just to TELL you about the problem, i’ve had to put spaces between the F and the L, otherwise it wasn’t making any sense.

it’s driving me crazygonuts, but i’m sure hopeful it will be fixed shortly.

but i couldn’t continue on while my brain explodes trying to read the phrase “cheese fell on the Loor.  Loor?  lore?  blerghh….”

it’s not just a first world problem, it’s like a 2.0 world problem, because the issue is VIRTUAL.


you can resume, you know, a life that matters now.

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