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26 August 2008

being on a college campus is surreal.  my freshman year of college, experienced about 6 years ago now, was hybrid.  i worked part-time, 20 hours a week, lived at home, and took 9-12 credit hours (3-4 classes) a semester mainly in the afternoon/evening.

then, the last 3 years have found me finishing my freshman/sophomore years by taking 3-4 classes a semester through evening and then primarily internet classes while working full-time.

now, i am going to school, more than full-time, with 8 classes, and am on campus monday through friday.  which means i get to experience things like having to take a core class i somehow missed in an auditorium of 150 kids, where attendance is taken at the beginning and end of class using an electronic clicker (that of course we had to purchase) and pointing it at the screen.  this clicker, i am told, is also used for us to take quizzes. 

now, there are enjoyable things about going to school full-time, which is, well, being able to just go to school full-time.  oh, and the library.  i heart the library, and that things are generally cheaper on campus for students.  the boy had a traditional 4 year college experience, wherein one makes friends on campus, dates people they met in class, has a band, hangs out, whathaveyou.  i can’t imagine going to college with friends of mine.  to me, that’s high school. 

i also get to experience blaring music on the quad, random student events like this weeks “dis-orientation week” where i am encouraged to do something to my senses (i’ve not paid attention), lines at the bookstore, having to show up early to get parking, girls who attend classes in miniskirts (how is that comfortable?), half-desks, and of course a slew of sophomoric (in every sense of the word) guys who discuss inane things at loud volumes. 


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