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the watch lives?, or how my husband awesomes over six months, only to be stymied by a watch troll.

24 July 2011

first of all, yes i did use the word “awesome” as a verb.   i believe that if dinosaurs can do it, so can i.  i can also sexy, but that is not anything that should be described in words for anyone to read (hi dad!) who knows me.

moving on.

[i suppose this is second of all?  but really, if i only have two points to make here, would “all” just be misleading?  you could get to the end of this pair of thoughts, wondering if you’ve missed something, all because someone was careless with their idioms and tossing around “all”s like so many … somethings.]

no, really now, moving on.

several years ago, presumably for my birthday, the boy gifted me this watch.






she was my dream watch, and i wore her nearly every day.

i got SO many compliments (and comments) when i wore this watch, the most frequent question being: “does it do anything else?”

besides keeping perpetual time, which i think is more than enough…no.  it does not.  sometimes i liked to pretend it had an intercom and the ability to launch my super powers ala wonder woman bracelets, but that’s another story.

sadly, while i was teaching my 1st hour english class, the elastic broke.  the dear boy sent my watch back to the company who made it, vestal, and they looked at it to see if they could fix it.

over the next 6 months, they corresponded back and forth, advising that they could not fix it (sad) but they would replace it for free….but not with the same watch, because they no longer made that particular model.  they could give me this one:

but purple is so very not my color.  alas, we thought all hope was lost and were beginning to poke around to see if i liked another watch just as much as my beatles-white-album-of-loveliness watch, when they said they found one in the way, way back of the warehouse (after pestering them for a few months to respond) and were sending it posthaste.

the watch arrived, it was lovely, and all was well with the world.


i realized that my watch was perpetually several hours behind.

i changed the battery.

i fiddled with the knobs.

still, several hours behind.


now, my watch sits in a bowl until i can figure out who to take it to to get my watch fixed, otherwise having to force the boy to get sucked back into the 6-month-for-service vestal black hole to get me a different watch.

and the worst part is, now the boy has the cooler watch of the two of us (gasp!) and gets compliments on it ALL THE TIME.  and each time he does, my angel-watch sheds a little tear.

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  1. 24 July 2011 11:44 pm

    this is an entirely silly post of which i am entirely appreciative. i’ve been wondering about you. i feel like i haven’t seen you around much. which. . . okay, i’m not going to start down that road. but you’ve been on my mind. hope all is well and you’re not melting.

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