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i wish i was a baller…

11 October 2008
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this week, as i was driving to have tea with my friend sarah, i was in a car accident.  on a two lane road with no turn lane, an 18 year old kid driving in front of me decided to turn left, remarkably quickly, and not use a turn signal until about the moment when i collided with him.  i had looked down for about 1.5 seconds to see what time it was, and in that moment of time he slowed to a stop.  let’s look at the stats:

his car? 1993 toyota tercel
my car? 2000 saturn sl1

his car? owned by his mother.
my car? totally paid off, by me.

his car? insurance paid for by his mother.
my car? insurance paid for by me.

his car? slightly dented bumper.
my car? TOTALED.

of course.

the kid, to his credit, was incredibly honest and put on the accident report that he partially caused the accident, didn’t use turn signal, etc.

of course he didn’t get the ticket.  i did.

so this is how i find myself in a rental car this week that was supposed to be a dodge neon, but instead, because the rental company was all out of cars except for this:

the 2008 dodge magnum aka the baller car aka the big shot car (my mother) aka ‘dude that is such a sweet ride’ from the multiple guys who have STOPPED ME ON THE ROAD AND MADE ME ROLL DOWN MY WINDOW to complement my car, often accompanied with multiple thumbs ups.  true story.

in a fit of wisdom, i had put rental reimbursement on my insurance along with my full coverage, so life could be worse.

however, in the next three weeks, here is what is happening:

– get everything from my old car and move it to my house, get insurance check, etc.
– the boy (read: my really awesome boyfriend who just made me breakfast, again, and tea the way i like it.  dream.) moves to my city on friday and 1/2 of his family will be here on saturday.
– school (all 8 classes worth, and some catch up from being gone from the accident this week)
– attempting to locate and purchase a good car, year 2000ish, 100Kish miles or less, for 4500 – 5000 dollars.  with my grand amounts of free time.
– midterms, including a grammar midterm that my professor has described as “brutal”.

this makes me want to hibernate for the winter, and wake up with straight A’s.  possible, no?


very few times, really, have i had to completely depend on god to provide for me.  i mean, he has provided for me numerous ways in ways that i could have imagined, or gotten to myself.  i think i just get really sufficient and figuring my way out of these things either through my own effort, or by friends and family who help out — all god’s way of looking out for me, but this one will really have to come together, because folks, there are no GOOD cars that will take me through the next 3 years and the upcoming winter for 4500.  really.  i have looked.

today’s plans:
– driving back from craig for the LAST time by myself.  yay!
– listening to this american life.
– finishing my paper about john mccain for school.
– perhaps watching the new madmen if i get done in time.

oh, envious of my life are you?  i knew it! 😉

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