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lies of smudginess, and other meandering thoughts.

25 October 2008
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i started to type ‘lies of omission’, but this feels more accurate.

let me also start by saying that i am grumpy for no reason.  as per my usual schedule, i got to friday so worn out that i went to bed at 10:30, having fallen asleep at the boy’s house listening to jon stewart.  i woke up this morning a full ten hours later.  then, decided to stay in bed for another half an hour because i didn’t want to get up.  i didn’t want to sleep either.  just wanted to lay, like broccoli.

breakfast at the western omelette, which serves the biggest plates of greasy spoon food along with their western murals and southwestern tchotkches that i have ever seen (i, of course, brought the rather large side of sarcastic all on my own).  got home to an email from my professor, who i had emailed yesterday about my test.  see, i had this test, test number 3 of 3 scheduled for yesterday.  however, all week i have been frantically either studying for my other tests (midterms) or dealing with the aftermath of my car accident — arranging to extend my rental car, locating my car and the stuff in it, desperately trying to find another car…all that to say, i was horribly stressed and unprepared.  so, i email my professor and say that due to my car accident, i missed the test and can i reschedule.

i may have not mentioned that the accident was a few weeks ago.

because i am a horrible person.

all of my professors have been really great about rescheduling things or making arrangements for stuff, and i have been an excellent student all semester.

so i get back from the Womelette to an email that says if i have documenation from my accident, i can take an equivalent makeup.  and if not, i can take an essay test.

i have pictures of my smushed car from yesterday, and my rental car keys.

if that doesn’t suffice, i’m taking an essay test.

somehow, i think i should just take an essay test because i deserve it.

it’s one of those situations that is actually true, just would require more explanation.  justification is so smudgy, and i wish to not begrime myself with such things.  lesson learned.  i hope.

* * * * *

in other news, the boy’s house is coming together.  i will provide photographic proof of such things when it’s in a little better shape.  there have been multiple long trips to target and lots of standing back and looking and things and then doing that over again.  one thing we have not bought at all, however, is wall art.  this is because the boy is a painter, and one that i rather enjoy.  i’m always glad i don’t have to use my fake interested face when i talk about his art, because it really is that good to me.

* * * * *

we have to leave the house now.  today’s agenda:

– getting another curtain and some slippers at the super target.

– retrieving my school books from my house

– going to the Y so that i can stop feeling the school semester blob.  i’m wondering if there is a junior fifteen, since i’m not a freshman any more?

– studying for aforementioned test.

– catching up on my pseudo-job work. (i’m technically not supposed to still be working, but i have a hard time saying no.)

– looking at my long to-do list to make a plan for Super Successful Sunday, in which i get so many things done, it’s astounding.

* * * * *

wishing i had an ice cream maker, this is the perfect afternoon for such a thing.

* * * * *

last night i ordered a cambric, from one of my absolutely favorite places in town.  earl grey tea, steamed milk and vanilla.  i wanted to love it, but i just liked it.  if it were made with rooibos or english breakfast, i would have swooned.  however, they make their tea with loose leaves in the cream bags, which i like.

* * * * *


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