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and there you have it.

5 November 2008

the presidential landscape.

i guess my “extreme moderateness” (to quote sam wood) serves me fairly well in election years.  although i am very engaged in the world around me, our democratic process and feel strongly about a number of issues, i can’t seem to pin my hopes or fears to a person, even one in such a key position.  i find that i can be inspired by, disappointed in, respectful of, and discouraged by people.  all people.  friends, teachers, pastors, presidents, leaders…  because of this, i have thoughts about the new president, both praise and precaution.  i had thoughts about mccain, both ways.   i have anticipation and excitement, with wariness at the road ahead.

but i wake up today, still hopeful in the only thing that doesn’t sway for me despite its popularity or lack thereof: god.  he’s alive and well.

i don’t care how out of style or favor that belief becomes, it’s all mine, and will always be so.

the difficulties that come with working out your salvation in the real world will always be challenging.  it has never been and will never be easy to love people and take a stand for what is right and true.

today, on wednesday, november 5th, after an unarguably historic election, i am hopeful.

but it has nothing to do with a ballot.

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  1. 5 November 2008 9:46 am

    I LOVE IT! I’m really excited to “live” this historic event. I’m excited to see what happens.

  2. Brenna permalink
    6 November 2008 2:37 pm

    Well said, Sara. I am enjoying your blog. Thanks for popping over to mine. It was a great welcome for a “first-timer”. 🙂

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