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like it’s your job.

5 November 2008
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my friend jeff wrote this note, which i find, well, noteworthy.  also, i really like it when someone else so eloquently writes what i’m thinking, saving me the trouble of muddying up the issue while i grasp at words to explain what i mean:

“Now that the votes have been cast and the decisions have been made I would like to remind everyone that whether you are anxious, overjoyed, angry, happy, or anything else that this is the beginning, not the end. There are men and women about to begin terms in office whose decisions will affect every single one of us.

We, as voters, have both a right and responsibility to make our voices heard throughout the terms of our leaders. I guess what I’m trying to say is inform yourself and contact your senators, contact your congressmen and congresswomen, your governors, and your city council when there are issues you care about. If you, like me, are disappointed that the republicrats are still in power, then do something about it. Support a third party candidate or cause. If you are happy about the results, then write to the winners and tell them why, and remind them why they got your vote. Let them know that you expect them to deliver the goods they have sold you.

We live in a day and age when opinions change like the tides, and politicians feel no loyalty to their own political promises. But if they are reminded constantly that we, the voters, are paying attention to what they do, that we hold the purse strings and not the special interests or political parties then and only then do we have the potential to truly be a country with a government by the people, of the people, and for the people.”

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