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fridays with sara.

8 November 2008

friend diagram

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had a 3 hour afternoon tea with my friend sara yesterday.

nobody would guess that we are old friends.  we are like the venn diagram of friends – we have many different interests and our lives look very different these days, but at the heart of things, we overlap.  we make each other laugh, every time.  her kids are adorable, my life a bit nutsy.   we are both warm and sarcastic, understanding and challenging.  she always gives good advice in the way that makes you feel like she’s not giving advice but just understanding where you are, yet you are sent home with a renewed sense that you are okay.  we seem rather dissimilar, and we aren’t able to get together all the time due to the different life stages we are in, but in 3 hours every other month i quickly gather why we are still dependable friends:

we connect.

i really hate this word, actually.  but in my expansive vocabulary, it’s all i really have to describe this abstract, untouchable, reassuring “thing” that is ever-present whenever we get together.  regardless of what we talk about, how we agree, how we disagree – when i leave her house after a long chat, i am flooded with the feeling of familiarity, when you are with your people.  it’s not necessarily profound, but comfortable.  this doesn’t happen to me that often, as it happens after, say, maybe 8 years of being friends.

some people are lucky to have this as their best friend, one who is a phone call away at all moments.  i find that to be so elusive, and very hard to find and keep.  difficult to find in my life right now, due mainly to time and circumstance.

but other people, like me, are just as lucky, as they have these people as constant undercurrents, only a text or email away, and a touchpoint of life whenever they find time to meet.

it’s not tuesdays with morrie, but it’s my fridays with sara.

so if you don’t have a sara, i highly recommend you find one.  they are excellent.

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  1. 9 November 2008 8:07 pm

    I have a sara. she’s the best.

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