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10 November 2008

i’ve observed on a few different websites people saying/writing the following phrase (an expression of their excitement):

“!” or “yay dot com!”

besides the fact that when you go to the actual website of it pulls up coupons, this phrase is super annoying to me.  also hating “the bomb dot com” as a phrase, but i feel its less ubiquitous than the former.

your expressions of emotion are not websites.

otherwise, we’d have “i’m seriously going to poke your eyes out with a fork when i hear that phrase one more time DOT COM”, and nobody wants that.

you heard it here first, people.

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  1. 10 November 2008 1:19 pm

    you kill me. reading your blog everyday is like reading the funnies in the newspaper. I grab my cup of coffee and get my fix.

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