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10 November 2008

this one’s way shorter, i swear.

– i have three papers due this week – today, tomorrow, and wednesday mornings. i finished my paper due at 9:25am this morning at 9:20 in the computer lab. it’s a combination of having too much to do, procrastination, writer’s block, and the subject of my paper being a feminist-tribal critique on native american literature, and the complication of that found in leslie marmon silko’s anthology-like text of storytellers.

understand all that? yeah, neither did i. hence: 14 hours to write 5 pages.

– the charming boy brought me dinner (macaroni & cheese from noodles), kept me company and made me laugh last night while i was making a sorry attempt at writing my paper. however, he did not let me borrow his hat on this cold and wintry day, to which i am responding with prodigious amounts of mock anger.

– winter had been teasing, tossing around windy looks and batting its frigid lashes in our direction for awhile, but now it has fully committed to the relationship. i now have to dress for the occasion, which i forgot about this morning; therefore, i am freezing. depending on how winter acts up this year, i may or may not break up with it in march/april when its behavior can get particularly egregious. jury is out on that one.

– can you get out of jury duty when you are 40 weeks pregnant? i hope so. actually, i hope julie just has that stubborn baby soon.

– every family member has its role to play in the birthing process. husband holding hand [and in this case, getting in/around the big tub in the living room], mothers warming tea and getting supplies for the midwife, inlaws waiting anxiously for the call so they can come over and coo, friends to coordinate meals.

me? i bring the liquor, and a friend to play video games with my brother while i hold the baby and mix drinks. [yes, hold the baby AND mix drinks, because the baby isn’t old enough to make them yet.]

this year: beer and coconut rum & cokes is the drinks du jour.

– went to a surprise birthday party on friday night. she was surprised. it was lovely. my brother, the extrovert, was in high form, introducing himself to EVERYONE.

– introvert = gets energy from being alone, but can be very social or not. socialness depends on how shy they are, outgoing, etc.

extrovert = gets energy from being with people, are very social when that happens, but not always social when things are stressful.

just so we have that cleared up.

me = introvert, usually social in social settings, not always.

brother = extrovert, usually social ALL THE TIME.

– watched the movie superbad with friend patricia instead of doing homework. it was…super…bad. interpret as you will. i do love michael cera, regardless.

– haven’t seen my mom in days. perhaps she has hibernated for the winter?

– my oldest niece, frederick joseph von herfenburg*, signs all of her emails/instant messages to me bwyz. to which i reply: OMG IDK what that is!

– i am teaching her class again (8th graders) this thursday. next thursday? driving a minivan of 8th graders to the power plant on a field trip. i am a chaperone. wow. how is it that i said yes to this?

– this week: new hair, new ring in the nose (instead of a stud) and new winter hat. pictures to ensue.

have a loverly week, dears.

*not her real name, despite the fact that i insist on calling her that.

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  1. Brenna permalink
    11 November 2008 5:56 pm

    Sara, your posts are very entertaining. Especially after a full day with 2 kids. Thank you. 🙂
    Also, have you ever tried the mac & cheese at Noodles with the cavatappi noodles instead? My favorite!

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