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monday morning ughpdate.

24 November 2008

– sigh.  i am tired.   the aftermath:  last week i got into my second car accident in as many months, and because it was a big 8 car near-pileup, with me on the end, it’s all my fault, of course.   i totaled my parent’s 98 honda civic which is about 2 inches high off the ground, and went under the SUV in front of me, after being in an unavoidable skid for 25 feet.  afterwards, we find out that my parents have had my siblings and i as excluded drivers on their policy since 1998 when we were 17/18, because of the cost, but had never taken us off despite our moving away, getting our own cars, etc.  an oversight.  thankfully, because it was an oversight and we have had the same insurance agent for about 20 years, the insurance company is covering the claim, and all is fine.  i am now driving my parent’s OTHER spare car (we are not sure how this happened) until january when i finally have the time/money to get a new (read: very used) car.

now, perhaps the ducky picture makes sense.  last week just sucked.

– i had 4 papers due, and 3 of the 4 came back with A’s on them.  the 4th one i wrote was terrible (if you remember my previous lament) so we’ll just see about that.

– my home looks like a refugee camp.  the goal this weekend was to updgrade it from “refugee” to “nomadic”, but we never quite got there.  this was because in the middle of all the cleaning, rearranging, reading issues of readymade magazine and remembering all the oprah episodes about simplifying, i had an epiphany that my desk/office situation isn’t functional, along with other pieces of furniture.  it doesn’t help to have items of furniture to have them, if they don’t really work for you – because then you don’t use them, clutter your house by using other living areas for what you should be using the discarded one for, and yet you won’t get rid of it because you already have a desk/bed/couch, etc…


that leads us to the charming boy and i designing an extension of my $15 garage sale desk, him assembling it, nailing, gluing, etc – after setting up his old desktop computer to replace mine whose fan isn’t working.

did i mention how charming said boy is?

if that weren’t amazing enough, he did this all throughout my emotional meltdown after having become Shiva the Destroyer of all things good last week, the mood of which carried into the weekend where i was being sort of a Pain in The Ass.

and then he bought me dinner and drinks on sunday night at shuga’s.

i’m telling you…that boy…

i’ll post pictures of the desk/office, once it’s fully functional.

– only two days of school/work this week before thanksgiving.  we are spending thanksgiving in craig, colorado, which is (if you don’t remember) the self-proclaimed elk hunting capital OF THE WORLD.  good times.  our journey will take us to the golden cavvy, which is the trashiest 70’s relic of a bar located in elk-hunting capital, replete with old gold sign and interior.

– i have grammar homework to do.  apparently learning the difference between bad/badly, well/good, real/really.  i think i’m good.

– my list of things to do, remember, schedule, etc – is 2 notebook pages, front and back.

– favorite thing i heard on sunday: “is barack obama the antichrist? (pause) NO!  even if that weren’t an incredibly fear-based comment, he’s just not jewish.  end of story.” and “god doesn’t consider our political or economical climate when he’s determining when to come back.  i promise.”

– favorite thing i saw on sunday: an old man in our favorite bar/cafe shuga’s, who you know only goes because it’s the closest bar to his house, with a blue hat, on which was inscribed (with script writing) “jim’s nude photography”.  it matched his flannel shirt.

– i have found very promising possibilities for the  Annual Oversize Christmas Pajamas that i like to buy each year.

– the boy’s housewarming party is on the 6th, and i can’t decide if i am going to make maple french toast with bacon cupcakes, or the chocolate-chocolate ganache cupcakes.  such tough choices.

over, but not out.

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