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on the docket: week of 20 march

24 March 2011
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i’m having writer’s block, but not the one where you can’t think of anything good to say, but the one where you have so many possible things you could talk about it all leaks out of your brain too quickly to capture it.

conveniently, i have the perfect soundtrack to such a mood: peter bjorn & john’s (aptly named) album writer’s block.

pbj writer's block

so here is what we’re looking forward to this week [even though we’re about halfway through]

– rediscovering music [see above] and getting awesome new albums from the library
– making curtains for the home office
– going to a fuel/friends house show to see david bazan play
– pilates class with the ever fun megan
– getting my dough hook for my mixer so i can attempt focaccia bread
– cooking two new recipes for dinnah [mll!]
– my 30th birthday bingo extravaganza on saturday
– the annual family march birthday dinner on sunday
– getting supplies for the next phase of decorennovation 2011 – painting the bedroom and making floating shelves for the office.
– redesigning the fixer website

have a lovely week, dears!

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