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monday morning ughpdate.

1 December 2008

– thanksgiving weekend was many things, so we’ll do a little word association:  good, restful, disappointing, sad but expected, quiet, traffic-filled, pleasantly spent with the boy, wal-mart, hobo-tools, sausage cheese & crackers, rum & coke in holiday cups, 27 dresses, holiday inn, cold, snow SNOW SNOW, steve martin’s memoir on cd, 500 miles, long talks, sleep, home.

– holy snow.  it’s officially winter for me when we get totally dumped on, as we did this weekend.  being in a basement pseudo-apartment, i don’t often know the weather until i venture upstairs, and i was astounded by snow when i finally poked my head up at 4pm.

– in the home stretch for this ridiculous 22 credit of semester.  the next three weeks are finals, and if i hadn’t mentioned it before, these are the statistics:

4 major papers
1 take-home final
2 in-class finals
2 tests
1 final project
2 books to read

in the next three weeks.

beyond this, i need to do christmas shopping, and pay bills, and you know, muster some holiday cheer.  so if i’m less than prolific for december, you will understand.  yes, you will.

– we’ve been in the queer theory portion of my literary criticism class, so twice a week, first thing in the morning, i feel like a total perv.  thank you, freud.

– i’m frustrated with my choice of winter footwear.  why, why, why can’t i just like sneakers?

– i brought my own tea bags this morning, and am in search of hot water.  i would take tea with me, but that’s just one more thing that i have to lug around all day.  sorry environment, but i can’t handle reusable anything right now.

– i really love the holiday season, despite it making me sadly nostalgic and gleefully happy all at the same time, every year.  now that it’s december, i’m loading up my ipod with my favorite christmas music, and lavishing in the warm glow of my parent’s christmas decorations, one of my favorite things to walk into.  it always makes january seem so depressing when they come down, though.  anyway.  i similarly like advent calendars, and this year i got the boy a lego advent calendar, where each day is a lego figurine to put together and place in the lego city.

dude.  how could you not get excited about christmas with that?  (i’m not sure, but i’m sure he’ll try 😉

– this week is a lot of work on papers and a lovely house-warming party for the boy on saturday.  i’m thinking of making cupcakes, my second-favorite.

have a lovely week of december.

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  1. 3 December 2008 8:36 am

    Lord you are busy. I do find your busy life amusing because it causes you to write funny blogs. So thanks.

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