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three little words.

1 December 2008

chocolate.  covered.  bacon.

chocolate-covered bacon, you guys.


i am excited and terrified.  somebody make this for me.

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  1. 1 December 2008 8:38 pm

    that is disgusting. but it did make me think about bacon, which always makes me think about BLTs–which are obviously delicious.

    about the fear quote from earlier, i think i believe that is true. it is quite possibly even biblical. i am sorting through my own set of fears right now and i am hoping to do it the right way.

    the proper authorities and educated peoples have all told me that ALL THIS JUNK will hover around for the rest of my life if i don’t walk through the muck now.


  2. Brenna permalink
    1 December 2008 9:12 pm

    Visions of blocked arteries are dancing around in my head after seeing that picture!

  3. 3 December 2008 8:29 am

    This is something Jasper would eat.

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