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statistics: revised

3 December 2008

4 major papers 3 major papers (1 turned in)
1 take-home final
3 in-class finals 2 in-class finals
2 tests
1 final project
2 books to read

* * * *

my astronomy professor drops the lowest test score, and as of today i have a 100.3 in the class.  he doesn’t count attendance, and thus i don’t have to show up for the rest of the semester, and don’t have to take the final.

so, my only in-class final is my intro to literature final – my worst and easiest class by far will produce the most annoying and hard final.  bah.

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  1. kmcneal permalink
    3 December 2008 6:10 pm

    Lol… so I found out this page was linking to my page, and I had no idea why.

    But now I see that you, like me, also use your blog to list the random classwork you have to do.

    Hope it goes well for you. =]

    Finals week. BOOO.


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