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word problems.

12 December 2008

side note # 1: is that like karmapolice, but just nerdier?

real story —

here is what i read today on [redacted]’s blog:


a pomegranate.”

and here’s the problem with my english-major-22-credit-hour-grammar-addled-brain:

i read this and immediately thing – what is the only thing [redacted] can think about?  and why can that thing only eat a pomegranate?  like it’s a little mystery, and now i’m all curious.  and then it dawns on me, several procrastinatory minutes later, that [redacted] really just can only think about eating a pomegranate, perhaps because he or she is sick, etc.   sigh.  nancy drew, your services are no longer needed for the Case of the Noun Clause Gone Wrong.

side note # 2: really hate it when people say that they take things “for granite” instead of “for granted”.  either they’re wrong, or they are seriously mistaking way too many things for an igneous rock formation formed mostly of quartz.

i know i do.

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  1. 12 December 2008 5:54 pm

    dude, you are grammarlicious. i read that sentence and then had to read it again and THEN had to read it out loud before i got it. 🙂 obviously this is why it took me HOURS to grade my student papers. oye.

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