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christmas mixtape: installment 2

14 December 2008

yesterday morning, over and after pancakes, the boy and i listened to christmas music.  what kind?  well, iron maiden’s rock and roll christmas, and dominick the italian christmas donkey, of course.  among these treasured christmas jewels, i found old and new favorites.

next up on my unconventional yet amazingly awesome christmas mixtape is Feist’s Lo, How a Rose Is Blooming. dreamy, wistful, perfect for watching the snow fall from a warm bed, like i did this morning.

it’s no donkey, but i like it.

i have to go write my 4th of 6 papers  now (turns out my take-home final is two essays.  damn).

[per request:

to play: hover your mouse over the link and a player should pop up and you can hit play. OR just click it and it will open up in a new tab and start playing.

to download, right click (for pc folks, macs you are on your own) and select “save link as” and direct it to where you want it to save.  you know, because i’m all giving and stuff.]

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  1. troy permalink
    14 December 2008 2:08 pm

    very lovely dear.

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