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grades, piggies & christmas.

26 December 2008

introduction to literature: A
advanced grammar: A
literary criticism & practice: A
astronomy: A
education observation & practicum: A
advanced composition: A-
religion and politics: A-
stupid anthropology & human origins: B

the overachieving section of my brain lamented my one B for about 15 minutes, and then the rest of me congratulated myself on being a 22 credit hour scholastic badass.

this semester is ovs.  o-v-e-r.

also?  i sold three of my books on amazon, including one that my school wouldn’t buy back, thus doubling the amount of money i would have gotten for my school to buy my books back, which is about less than a 1/4 of what i paid.   makes it a little less painful.

i am mid-christmas, as the charming boy and i had our christmas later, and my whole family’s christmas is tomorrow, complete with a very large dinner of prime rib.

now: finish putting new music on my niece’s new ipod nano, and feed the new piggy bank i got for christmas with all my loose change while cleaning the refugee camp that passes as my home.


later: christmas lights viewing with brother’s family.

tomorrow: more christmas goodness.

frohe Weihnachten, meine Lieblingsfreunde.

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