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3 January 2009
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what a long week. working, making a plan for working more which i wasn’t anticipating, a scary week of my nephew being in the hospital for spinal meningitis. he’s still there, actually, because he can’t seem to breath well enough without oxygen yet. prayer and bringing the wii into the hospital has helped, for different reasons 😉

so…now i’m off for a mini-vacation to denver with the charming boy. it’s only in the last few days that i have felt like i’m on actual vacation. i do have to work next week a bit, but i prefer to see it as voluntarily earning some money with which i can buy a car at the end of this month. i am looking to having a new (used) car, but i am not looking forward to the process of finding and buying it.

but i’m going to forget all that now, and take a nice sunny (what’s with the warm weather, it’s like september around here? looooove it.) road trip up the road.

soundtrack to the day: m.i.a. – paper planes

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