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how i feel about it sometimes: 3rd day of school edition

27 January 2009

when i get nervous in a group of people, i overtalk.  i do this to open up the lines of communication, make people feel at ease with me, and feel out the possibility that they think i’m their new bff, which i want EVERYONE TO FEEL.  always.  i’m a bit of a new-situation people-pleaser.

unfortunately, i do this at school in small classes, especially with professors who i want to like me.  which is, like, all of them at this point, because i’m officially a senior.  or, if i’m feeling fiestastic, senor!  ole!

see that?  that bit of lame joke right there that i think is amusing?  this is what i do in class.  i pipe up in class, entirely too often.  i can’t stop.  if i don’t get a response to something, i JUST KEEP TALKING.   while talking, i gesticulate even more wildly than normal, which looks preposterous because i have mittens which attach with a stringthrough the sleeves of my winter coat which i wear every day(so i don’t misplace them like a 5 year old), so it looks like i have crazy extra mime hands talking.


i am unfamiliar with these new people to whom i want to endear myself, so i talk about the only subject about which i am an expert: me.


i have become one of the special people this week.


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