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26 January 2009

the only best part about watching the guilty shameful pleasure that is the television monstrosity that is the Bachelor is reading the recap:

exhibit A:

After the commercial break, Shannon has scurried off to her room, with a concerned Jillian knocking on the door to see if she’s okay. Shannon appears to recover enough to be available when Jason wants some one-on-one time, which she then squanders by whining about how hard the last couple of days have been without face-time with Jason. She says last season when she saw him with DeAnna, she wanted to jump through the television, and she cried, and she wants to lie on the couch with him in her pyjamas and ask how his day his been, and other such I’m-already-way-too-obsessed-type of stuff. Jason tells her to “keep that going” because he is mean or an idiot. “I just want to be real. I’m real,” she says. And how do you express just how ready you are to be a mother? Don’t just say you’re ready. Say you’re “so” ready.

Jason has a boring conversation with Stephanie about how great the date was, and then she asks him to close his eyes, and she leans in and kisses him, and thanks him for the beautiful memory, and she goes on like this with the gratitude for Jason that I had to stop typing because I was throwing up too much.

In the group, Megan is talking about … oh, who cares. Who REALLY cares.”

of course, there are so many favorite moments, like when the girls DEMAND that he keep them there, haha, kidding, but not really, actually i-am-so-mad-at-you-but-pick-me-now, and then get completely serious and give him the wide eyes of terror.  all why giggling and pretending to be the fun and upbeat one.

oh, if only i were a better writer, this is exactly what i would write about.   underlining mine.   dying of laughter here, folks.  okay, now back to our regularly scheduled homework.

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