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28 February 2009
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thank you, seth meyers from SNL, for giving creedence to the wordphrase phword that i overuse the most – really??

in today’s edition of REALLY!?! i quote USA Today:

Apparently, Obama’s decision to go sleeveless again is stirring up a debate. The tribute to Stevie Wonder was the second time in as many days that the first lady bared her arms.”

really, american public and internet patrons?  REALLY?  the very attractive and young first lady wears extremely tasteful and event-appropriate clothes with (GASP!) NO. SLEEVES. AT. ALL, and we should comment on it at all, let alone spark a debate?  really?!?

i could go on, but…really?

get off the internet, people, and stop caring about the state of sleeves.  especially when we have more important things to care about, like, say, ANYTHING ELSE.

* side note: i know the obama white house is all about exposure to the arts, etc. which i am all for, but do you also think that secretly they are like “now we are in charge, we get to have free concerts of all our favorite music.  bitchin’!”  i think they are.  me?  indie rock white house all the way.

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  1. Sara Kay permalink
    28 February 2009 11:14 pm

    honestly. totally agree. it’s not like we’ve had a first lady under…oh, 55 in decades… what do they expect her to wear? 🙂

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