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a day in the life.

1 March 2009

over lunch the boy and i made a quick outline of my schedule for the week.

or i should say, i was telling him the things i needed to get done, in order, so that i could think it through.  [i am a verbal processor].  at some point, he brought out the notebook he keeps in his pocket and made me write it down.

i often want to know what a day in the life of people looks like.  i’m not entirely sure why, but part of meeting people means ascertaining their personality, which makes me want to see how they spend their days – how the minutes and hours of activities add up.

anyway.  ever wonder what my week looks like these days?  i know you did! 😉   so each day, i’m giving you the schedule.  we’ll start with monday.  because the beginning is a very good place to start; thank you, mr. the-pooh.


8.30 history of english language (abbreviated: HEL.L) study group for midterm
9.25 chaucer (class)
10.40 do precis (small assignment) for peer tutoring class.  lunch.
12.15 history of english language midterm.
1.40 american literature II (class)
3.00 study: read hemingway, chaucer
5.30 spin class at the y
7.00 dinner, study: finish precis, read hemingway, chaucer, study for midterm

* minus all the getting up, doing hair, talking to boyfriend, getting ready stuff.

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