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8 March 2009

hysteric – yeah yeah yeah’s it’s blitz!

excitedly awaiting the new yeah yeah yeah’s album in two days.

this song…had gotten into me.  makes me want to immediately and inexplicably do so much.

does that ever happen to you?

realize my every dream, live in san francisco, dance around all limbs and elbows, fall deeply, go far far away and also immediately and gratefully see everything [and everyone] i have right in front of me so clearly.  oh, i love music.

you suddenly complete me

am i making sense?  probably not.  just listen to the song instead, it’ll all make sense.

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  1. kristin joy permalink
    9 March 2009 11:25 am

    that, my dear, is a pretty tall description of a song. i am ever the cynic.

    • 9 March 2009 3:03 pm

      well, it’s a percentage of the song and a percentage of a unique constellation of circumstances that produce the feeling.

      today? i want silence. no song.

      lest your cynic self be totally disappointed.

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