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monday morning ughpdate.

27 April 2009

i was trying to come up with an update on my thoughts, how i feel right now, what’s going on…

but i had no words.

some english teacher i’ll be.

let’s worry about that later.

instead i found this picture.

perfect description.

2. drinks with tucker, julie, their friends, their kids, their friend’s kid at jack quinn’s to celebrate being done with my senior comp exam.  very lovely.  quinn’s famous fries and dips?  v.v. lovely.  sausage rolls.  not so lovely.

3.  followed that up with drinks with my sister, which was also lovely.  and exuberant.  we talked and talked and talked, and then we listened to the barbershop quartet singing in the other room for about thirty minutes.  we never really figured out why they were there.

4.  i found the charger for my old laptop in my laundry basket.  unwashed, of course.  but, why, exactly, was it there?

5.  i don’t think i will get anywhere by asking questions like that about my life.  there is obviously only one answer: see above picture.

6. addie said “please” and signed the sign for “please” simulataneously for me this weekend.  for the first time.  she’s brilliant, naturally.  and then she freaked out.

7. three more weeks in this semester.  i am reminding myself that i like school, because right now i am SO OVER READING.  reading.  overrated 😉

8. enjoyed a lunch date with my father. enjoyed the bland-wich i had a lot less. no taste at all.

9. professor awesome described this piece of writing we were discussing as the literary shamwow!, of infomercial fame.  it was both amusing and incredibly accurate.  this is why he is professor awesome.

10. i have to student-teach summer school.  so unfair!

11.  to remedy this atrocity, i am planning my summer vacation to….vancouver!  hopefully it will all come together, i think i can swing it.

12.  apparently our pronunciation of many things, as compared to the British pronunciation, is behind the times.  our pronunciation of things is how they used to pronounce it in England, when the language made its way over to the colonies, but then their language kept on evolving, and we refused.  so it’s less “we say potato, you say potahto”, and more “we say potato, you say get with the program, america.”  isn’t that interesting?  maybe that’s why so many of us are terribly impressed at anything said with a British accent, even if it’s complete drivel.  we subconsciously know it’s the pronunciation OF THE FUTURE, and we are, as always, obsessed with the newest shiniest things.

interesting thought.

have a lovely week, dahhhlings.  see what i did there?

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  1. 27 April 2009 9:40 pm

    last month I found our missing remote which had been replaced in the back of the freezer.

  2. Meggan permalink
    28 April 2009 4:18 pm

    I taught summer school last year. Never again will I waste my summer months for a measly 2 grand!!!!!

  3. Sarah permalink
    28 April 2009 8:45 pm

    I had to email my English friend the other day, because the book-on-cd that Rachael and I were listening to had a British reader. He said “glah-see-uhr” instead of “glay-shur”. I couldn’t believe it was the correct pronunciation. She said “it is. You Americans are so much more laid back about these things.”

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