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24 June 2009


– “wild about you, love you, want you.”
– best group ever
– food in class
– teaching a great lesson that actually goes well
– getting a CSA box of local veggies every tuesday.  like a little present each week.
– orange boxes from the container store
– making a list of things to do in vancouver.
– the inaugural movie club event (the sound of music).
– poppies.


– wilco (i’m really supposed to like them, but i just don’t.  i’m sorry.  i voluntarily revoke any indie rock street cred right now.)
– beans, all kinds except for baked with bacon and barbecue sauce.
– ditto for most legumes.
– doubt about life decisions
– cleaning the CSA veggies
– feeling like you might be missing out
– summer school/kids who really don’t want to work
– the mather’s hand stamp

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  1. kristin joy permalink
    25 June 2009 12:23 am

    in regards to twitter stuff: no, you cannot make a middle schooler do something they decide not to do. you can entice, but that’s all. end of story. draw the line.

    also–i always had two desk arrangements in my classroom. normal, and “testing seating” which was basically more formal and each person with their own space, generally an arrangement that was row-ish. if things weren’t going well in groups, if they needed to work on their own, if i needed to get things done quickly, if we were in fact testing, i would just say “testing seating please,” and (sometimes a little mumbling) they would all move their desks/tables. well-trained. 🙂 (summer school is a bitch–you cannot well-train in summer school)

    • 25 June 2009 7:30 pm

      duly noted. thank you THANK YOU thank you for all of your comments, truly. i’m so glad you are my teacher friend.

  2. kristin joy permalink
    26 June 2009 1:09 pm

    dude, any any any time. i have an interview tuesday–say a prayer! sorry we got interrupted by little ave the last time we talked. call anytime after 8 🙂 and you are guaranteed my full attention. children.

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