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things that generally make me feel better about life, right then.

28 June 2009

– making lists

– watching movies i’ve seen before when they come on television

– ordering in

– macaroni and cheese

– a really good conversation, preferably by a friend who knows you well enough to bring drinks over

– wearing the grey sweater i got 12 years ago from the gap that has a hole in the collar and too-long sleeves

– windows down, perfect song on loud, driving in the car

– holding hands

– looking at my baby nephew

– reading a quote that perfectly captures my thoughts

– a spontaneous matinee

– a tight hug from my dear

– iced tea (summer), tea (winter)

– almost anything from the container store (true)

– getting lost in a story

– talking to god, informally

– stolen naps

– specific compliments from unlikely sources, or likely ones (i’m not picky.)

– brushing my teeth

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