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aaaaand, we’re clear.

1 January 2010

oh, my.

you know when you have several programs up on your computer, a few word documents, a game and an instant message, and you check the usage report on your computer and it’s running, but it’s nearly 95% of capacity?

no?  too nerdy for you?


well, that is the only analogy i can think of to explain how i feel right now after spending six days in or near my french boyfriend’s hometown.  between staying with his family, seeing good friends and awkward friends, spending time in a gallery for his art opening and listening to literally hours of stories about people i don’t know, i am at about 95% capacity.

i’m all full.  no more room for now.  we need to close some programs, shut the chatting down, and get the hell out of town and go home.

it was a dickensian week, being the best of times and the worst of times, but all i can do right now is just hermit to regroup.

we have now retreated to our 1 and 5/8 star-hotel (more on this later), and the boy asked what i wanted to do for the evening.  my answer?  anything that involves not speaking, listening, hearing stories from the past, attempting to make small-talk or see anything new.

so, pretty much sleeping.

he understood.

happy new year from the nordic lodge on the chilly western slope of colorado.

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